Amazon’s ‘FreeTime’ kid-friendly service now has parent dashboard – News

Amazon is now offering a new feature for FreeTime to help parents keep tabs & understand what Content their children are consuming.

The FreeTime service is a sandboxed whitelist of Websites, ebooks, games & videos which are useful & safe for kids. With the Parent Dashboard, parents can now see activity reports & loads of insights into how their children are using their tablets, phones or computers.

The Dashboard comes with a feature called ‘Discussion Cards’ that’s aimed at helping parents have engaging conversations with their offspring about whatever currently piques the kids’ interest. The cards will prompt the parents to further discuss or take action in whatever a particular child is looking into. FreeTime is aimed at kids between 3 & 12 years of age & currently 10 million+ children are using the service.

Amazon already has 1000s of cards available which have been created by a team of editors, & is continually adding new ones. The dashboard lets the parents see their children’s activities & let them view pertinent cards.

The parents can configure their children’s FreeTime profile based on the info they gather on the dashboard, that way they can limit screen time & set education goals. More importantly, they can constantly keep updated on their kids’ current interests & how these may have changed recently & thus make more informed decisions on how to engage with them.

While there’s an Amazon’s FreeTime offering available for free, it’s limited to access to Websites, while the premium version, FreeTime Unlimited, also allows videos, apps & books. You can get the Parent Dashboard & the Discussion Cards with the premium version in the US, UK & Germany only.

There are various packages available to suit every pocket. 

Image Credit: Amazon 


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