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New York, July 6, 2015: PRNewswire-iReach: Sometimes the best interesting and inspiring stuff comes from normal ordinary people. But there is so many interesting stories and articles on the web that so many of them get failed to be found. Today, so much awesome content is produced at such a rapid rate out there but find it hard to get reach. And with Facebook’s organic reach of content decreasing this an is enormous relief for content curators using the platform.

ShareSomeThingNew.com Website (PRNewsFoto/Share Something New)

ShareSomeThingNew.com Website (PRNewsFoto/Share Something New)

This website is great for new and old publishers/bloggers/youtubers and content curators who want generate buzz for their content. The website is completely free and fairly easy to use, you choose a category, add a title, description, an image or video, a link which is optional and hit Post. Images can be uploaded or embedded via their urls. Videos from youtube,vimeo and vine can be embedded from their urls, but cannot be uploaded to the website.

They encourage clickbait titles as this will generate more shares and has a strong chance for it to go viral.There is no algorithms, all content will appear in chronological order. Duplicate content is filtered out.

This website uses a points system which allows users to get verified, meaning their content won’t need to be reviewed by them before it is posted. Here is how you earn points, Every day you login you will receive 1 point, Every upload you submit you will receive 1 point (max 5 per day), Every time you leave a comment you will receive 1 point (max 5 per day). The more quality content you post the, the higher the chance you will become a verified user.

All content posted is checked to meet guidelines and links are verified for each post, to filter spam and other miscellaneous websites trying to post fake content for clicks.They do not have an App yet, but the website can be opened from any web browser and the website will resize to fit the screens resolution perfectly.

The website is only supported with one 300×300 adsense ad on right side and one at the bottom of pages for mobile devices to cover running costs. They are not backed by any venture capital company or angle.

The name “ShareSomethingNew” fits this website perfectly as people go onto the website to find and share something new on there facebook, google, twitter and pinterest profiles. As for the publishers/bloggers/youtubers and content curators this great is for sharing their content which can lead back to there site for free. This is also great for people who have just something new to share for fun.

Inspiration for the website came when the CEO started the website as media blog. But due to facebook’s organic reach decline and competing for google rankings the site was getting barely in views. But found out he wasn’t alone as facebook and google had changed their algorithm.

So stop Worrying and Click on the ” Post Something ” button on www.sharesomethingnew.com to post your daily deen!

About ShareSomethingNew

Share Something New is all about sharing and discovery. The company has created a portal where people can discover the world, a place where people can always learn something new without ever getting bored, where people can be the first of their friends to receive the hottest viral topics on the internet. For more information, visit Share Something New’swebsite.




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