A Website for creating your own email “si.gnatu.re” for free – #Startup

signature-imageIf you’re tired of your old, drab, lackluster email signature & want to impress your friends, clients & business associates with a professional & classy-looking John Hancock, then try using si.gnatu.re.

This Web app guides you along to creating a customized professional signature in under 60 seconds, or a lot longer if you’re into tweaking the visually pleasing results. You start by inputting the basic identifying data for your email account & selecting the font types, colors & sizes. After that you can select from a large number of social network icons & combinations, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.  Then add a logo & a banner from your own collection or from a web URL.

There’s also a “bespoke” text section, where you can add boilerplate legal, NDA or other free-form text content.

The final & most fun step is to add a selfie, giving your signature a truly personal touch & allowing your email recipients to put a face to your name.  As you work along on your customization, the signature is saved automatically @ fixed intervals so that edits are not lost.

The signature can be saved to si.gnatu.re’s cloud server & can be edited freely for 30 days, or you can download it as an HTML file. For your convenience, instructions are given on the website for adding the signature to the most commonly used email services & apps.

There is no limit to how long you can keep using the signature, but if you want to be able to edit it beyond 30 days, you’re asked for a US $5 one-off payment to help support the developers.

The app is being actively developed by the London-based Web design studio Naked Creativity who specialize in design consultancy & produce quality design work in the fields of branding, graphic design & Website development.


– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. – 

Image Credit: si.gnatu.re



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