A Tablet case as well as a solar charger

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Carrying a Tablet around can be really convenient. It’s possible to take notes of important things, take pictures, & even to play games on occasion. However, they can also be pretty inconvenient. Take the example of traveling long distances. How long till the battery dies? Sometimes even a small tumble to the ground may crack the screen making it completely unusable. Is there any way to make it less of a burden & more of an asset? Well, there is.

Meet the Goldfink solar charger & planner. This is essentially a hard carrying case for Tablets, protecting it from damage. It also comes with an integrated solar panel. This panel charges a power bank with a capacity of 8800 mAmp which users can then use to charge their device. With a capacity that large it’s possible to charge a few devices with a single charge.

The solar panel also means that the case is quite eco-friendly. However, if one were to find the solar charger unusable in some scenarios the power bank can also be charged via an electric outlet. The case also features a small removable keyboard. This makes it much easier to take notes on the tab at any time. If viewing the Tablet becomes uncomfortable one can change the angle in which it is positioned for easier viewing.

Here’s the video:

In addition to all this, there are other useful analog elements. One is a paper planner. If the user gets tired from typing notes he can always switch tactics & write them down instead. It also comes complete with a pen holder, a calendar as well as a notebook.

Another interesting feature is that the case comes with some extra slots on the inside of the case. These are quite similar to those on wallets. As a result, one can also put in various documents such as tickets & business cards & carry them conveniently.

Goldfink GmbH the company responsible for this gadget is currently headquartered in Berlin, Germany.


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