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‘Dataclump’ is a new email platform that has been designed to help you manage your email “unsubcribers” from 1 dashboard. Once you connect your apps, you are set to be on the best path to the GDPR compliance.

This platform is easy to set up since all you are required to do is to just sign up to the platform & connect your apps, then get started to automate your email unsubscribes.

Understanding that so many companies uses more than 5 tools for their email campaigns, i.e, CRM, marketing automations, bulk emails, customer support, & many others, it would become so disturbing & tiring having to manage all these apps one by one.

What DataClump does is that it syncs email unsubcribes across all the platforms you may be using. The end result of this is that you end up improving your customer experience & also, it ensures that you stay compliant with all the data regulations.

Think of DataClump as your one stop solution to the management of your email unsubcribes since it will synchronize your contacts automatically & make sure that you do not send an email to the wrong person.

Further, w+ith the upcoming data privacy regulations, it becomes a necessity to keep track of your unsubcribers & thus make sure that you do not end up sending an email to a person who is already unsubscribed. Manually, it is tough to ensure this but by using DataClump, you can achieve this easily.

Useful features of DataClump

  • Eliminate privacy breaches – DataClump will help you to avoid breaches and therefore, helps you to prepare your company towards GDPR compliance.
  • Connect easily – DataClump helps you connect smoothly & offers a hassle-free integration into the existing systems.
  • Offers more apps – you can manage more than 8 apps from the platform. These includes Hubspot, Mailchimp, SendGrid, Campaign Monitor & so many others.

DataClump was introduced into the market by 3 professionals, Pranav Raj, Nithin David Thomas & Subin T P. There are various paid plans you can avail of.


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Image Credit: DataClump

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