A new way to tango with Twitter – Union Metrics Echo

uniometricsechoUS-based social analytics company Union Metrics has launched ‘Union Metrics Echo’, a new way to interact with Twitter data that combines endless exploration, pinpoint precision & detailed analysis.

Echo claims to make it easier to use Twitter data to improve your social strategy & inform your digital marketing efforts, said an announcement on the Union Metrics Website. “Echo is more than just search, it’s an interactive interface for quickly visualizing full-fidelity data from Twitter’s archive to learn the size and trajectory of any conversation,” said the company.

Using Union Metrics Echo, users can search for anything in the full Twitter archive & get instant results. Marketers can identify trends, spot spikes & compare Tweet volumes with the streamgraph visualization.

Echo makes it easy to find exactly the Tweets you need, discover inflection points & identify relevant conversations.

Users can:

  • Build powerful queries using boolean logic & advanced operators to return only the Tweets you want
  • Zoom from days to minutes in real time & get precise Tweets counts as you move
  • Identify the most important Tweets in any conversation with just a click


Image Credit: Union Metrics




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