A new tool to help companies engage & retain mobile app users


‘MoEngage’s’ analytics & engagement platform is geared towards mobile app companies that want to potentiate engagement by delivering personalized interactions at an individual level through in-app recommendations, push notifications, email & other types of retargeting channels.

Engagement Platform & Smart Triggers

MoEngage’s stated aim is to achieve heavy segmentation on a user base so as to track customer behavior & app usage from source acquisition to uninstall. This leads to increases in active users & orders as well as potentiating repeat orders. Targeting users based on their browsing habits, rather than massive indiscriminate campaigns, can result in higher levels of transactions.

For this purpose, the platform contemplates the following:

  • Automation of segments based on real time actions & behavior
  • Advanced campaign analytics with conversion goals VS impressions & clicks
  • Personalizable in-app messages delivered natively from an array of templates, including images, coupon codes & landing pages
  • Integration with a wide range of email marketing platforms
  • A/B Split & multivariate testing on different versions of interactions
  • Frequency capping configured based on time periods


User Intelligence

The aim of MoEngage’s analytics is to help a company to understand their customers better. It starts with real time segmentation, i.e. segmenting users based on their behavior as it happens.  Acquisition analytics allows for the measurement of the effectiveness of acquisition sources. It also gives insights into uninstall tracking, key metric tracking, identification of cohorts & campaign-based segmentation, for segmenting users based on the analysis of previous campaigns.

Here are some typical questions that can be answered, based on MoEngage’s Website:

Which of our users came from the men’s shoes campaign on Facebook?

Are there users who have installed the app, but have yet to sign up?

How many of our users added shoes to their cart but did not complete the purchase?

Which users opened the app as a result of a cart abandonment push campaign, but did not end up making a purchase?

Who of our past buyers have uninstalled the app?


MoEngage was launched in the US in September 2015 after having lead the Indian market by profiling 1/5th of its mobile users & having a monthly rate of more than half a billion personalized interactions. Raviteja Dodda is the CEO & co-founder of the venture capital backed Bangalore, India-based startup, which also has an office in Silicon Valley.  He has claimed in another publication that smart triggers & other types of interactions by Moengage can increase click-through rates by as much as 45%, & drive high single digit conversion rates.

Use of the platform is free to get started, for up to 25.000 active users, & a demo can be requested.

If this type of functionality interests you, you may want to check out similar offerings from Atomic, Justinmind & Localytics.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: MoEngage




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