7 Online tools that can kickstart any startup – e-Why, What & How

By: David Miller

An increasing number of startups are being created every single day. And it’s no wonder that this is happening, because platforms such as Kickstarter have millions of visitors every day who are ready to help people develop great ideas.

As a majority of startups are running on a limited budget, it’s necessary to make smart decisions & make the company as productive as possible. Luckily, there are plenty of Online tools perfect for startups, as they can significantly speed up the company workflow. Let’s take a look at a wide range of Online tools that can kickstart any startup.

Online project management software

Startups are usually created by a couple of friends. However, as investments start rolling in, it is necessary to hire additional employees. During this process, without proper organization, a lot of time & money can be lost, and that is something no startup can afford.

That’s why a majority of them decide to pick up a simple project management software. It’s the perfect way of introducing employees to the company. Project managers can more easily control the startup’s project & put in a lot of effort in finishing the project as soon as possible.

This software should be on the top priority list, because without it, a significant amount of time & money will be lost due to poor team organization.

Online storage software

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All companies handle different types of documentation & data. Storing this internally might not be a problem for huge enterprises, but with smaller businesses, especially startups, Online storage is the most efficient way of storing & sharing important files, documentation, & other important types of data.

This solution is perfect because it is a centralized database of all the important information. The main advantage is that specific files can be easily shared among teams & all of the data is constantly accessible. This makes collaboration much easier, making teams much more productive.

HR & Payroll management software

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In the beginning, the main worry of any startup is spending the least amount of money as possible. The more people join the company, the more work the HR department is going to have. To avoid hiring 5 HR agents, it’s better to start using Online HR & payroll management software.

These tools are perfect for streamlining HR management, as they are extremely easy to use, yet include a wide array of crucial features. By using it, the HR manager gets a clear overview over all of the startup’s workforce. He or she simply takes much less time to finish various tasks that would require more employees without the software tool.

CRM software

From the moment a business is started, it is necessary to think about client relationship management. Treating every client as special is necessary for stable business growth, & this is precisely what CRM software helps you with. It’s a perfect way to store all the important client information.

Furthermore, this tool is a perfect database that can be integrated with other tools, making its usability much more versatile and valuable.

Live chat software


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Customer support is not something a startup immediately needs, however, by implementing such an Online tool, the company is going to be better prepared to penetrate a desired market. Live chat software is an effective way to offer customer support to your clients & customers. A single customer support agent can simultaneously offer support to 5 different customers. This was practically impossible only a decade ago, when a majority of the communication process was conducted over the phone or via email.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to offer a competitive customer service from the start, implementing live chat software is a perfect choice.

Furthermore, this software tool can be easily implemented to work with software tools such as CRM. This adds more functionality to live chat, something that a customer support agent will find quite valuable, as he or she has a direct insight into the client’s past & other relevant information such as his name, address, & past with the company.

Marketing automation software

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When the Internet became popular, establishing an Online presence was much easier. All you needed was a Website & content on it. However, the times have changed, & in order to be able to successfully lead an Online marketing campaign, it’s necessary to create a Website, establish a social media presence, create engaging & relevant content for your niche.

Another option is paying for PPC campaigns to speed up the whole process.

Handling all of these tasks simultaneously either requires a lot of people, something a startup doesn’t have. However, with Online marketing automation software, replying to emails, reaching out to clients, updating social media networks & performing all the other marketing strategies becomes much easier.

With a tool like this, the marketing manager can more easily organize the whole advertising strategy without spending hours to make it happen. As the system can automatically post on your behalf, the marketing manager has a lot more free time to collect statistics & consider possible directions in which the marketing strategy should go.

Analytics software

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Adding analytics to your business is necessary to constantly measure & improve various business processes. The more data you can collect, the better decisions you can make. Therefore, make sure that your Websites have implemented analytics, as you can better monitor the behavior of your existing & potential clients. The same goes for all the above mentioned processes. The more data you have about each business process, the more you are going to be able to improve your business performance.


Running a startup is a demanding task that requires several Online tools for better management. If you are planning to start your own company, you will find these suggestionss very useful, as they will help you create a professional business more easily.

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