Daily Archives: 2016-01-14

Twitter launches @TwitterGaming

Tweet about gaming. That’s right. Twitter has just launched the handle @TwitterGaming, a new way to start or follow conversations around Online gaming. While there are thousands of tweets daily around gaming, this is Twitter’s consolidated effort to attract this community, & thus generate more users.

Reports: PCGamer, VG247, Digital Trends

‘SendBird’ can provide a “simple” messaging solution

‘SendBird’ is a messaging solution for Web & mobile marketing platforms that aims to enhance usability & user engagement via real time updates, resulting in increased user session time & frequency. It’s a complete package that can be incorporated into virtually any Web or mobile platform & includes both front-end UI & back-end components.

‘Peach’ – A hot new social networking app that revolves around “magic words” – New app

There’s a new kid in town & it’s called, ‘Peach’. This recently released & much hyped iOS app is making major players in the social networking & messaging space sit back & take note. Its fresh interface & features, mixing graphical with command line components, has some users excited & others a bit puzzled.