Daily Archives: 2016-01-06

The 1st DJ-style headphones with camera: New from Altec Lansing – Press note

Here’s a new way for DJs to pump up the energy wherever they’re playing master of music ceremonies: record the scene hands-free through the built-in DVR camera on Altec Lansing’s new DVR DJ-Style Headphones, then stream the video in real time to the closest flat screen so the crowd can see itself from a DJ’s-eye view for a true immersive experience.

Chat with your Website visitors ‘live’ with this Web app – #Startup

Converting visitors to your Website to become customers is a tricky affair. Often, they will just look at the goods & services up on offer, & after spending some minutes, they will probably leave, leaving you, the Website owner, heartbroken. But what if you could ‘live’ chat with them, & convince them to come on to your side? Read on….