Daily Archives: 2016-01-04

CES 2016 – Here’s what to expect

It’s billed as the world’s biggest electronics trade show. The 4-day CES will start from Jan 6 in Las Vegas, USA. This year, “smart” seems to be the crowdpuller. Owned & produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) – formerly the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) – the technology trade association represents the US $285 billion US consumer technology industry. Here’s a round-up.

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Backing up your Microsoft Outlook emails made simple

For a lot of people, archiving & backing up old emails seems complicated & insurmountable, but it really doesn’t have to be very complicated, especially if you’re an Outlook user. Microsoft Outlook stores emails to a data file called either a PST or OST file. PST stands for Personal Storage Table, & OST stands for Offline Storage Table. In both cases, these files contain all of the emails you’ve sent or received from the accounts loaded into your Outlook client. Archiving & backing up emails is simply a matter of setting up Outlook to archive old emails to a special file, & then setting up a schedule to archive those files to some safe location for long-term storage. In this article you’ll see just how simple this process is.