Daily Archives: 2015-12-21

It’s 25 years since the 1st Website came Online

A quarter of a century ago, on Dec. 20, 1990 to be precise, British scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee hosted the 1st Website in the world on his NeXT computer at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). Today, there are over 1 billion Sites in the world.

Image Credit: CERN

YouTube’s new viral feature lets you see trending videos

It seems nearly everyone these days is obsessed with viral Online Content. From the never-ending stream of “fails” to the latest political gaffe, there’s always something new being uncovered on the Internet. YouTube has rolled out a new page that will give you yet another way to see what’s hot at the moment. The new YouTube Trending Page collects recent videos that are surging in popularity based on their view count, number of comments, & other sites linking to them.