Daily Archives: 2015-11-17

Facebook Messenger gets its 1st 3rd party “paid” stickers

1 of the world’s well-known Online sticker makers, the Singapore-based PicoCandy has released stickers for Facebook Messenger app. While the social network itself does not offer paid stickers directly, PicoCandy‘s doing it.

Reports: TechCrunch, The Next Web, Ubergizmo, iphonehacks.com

Easier animated gifs with Ezgif – #Startup

A simple but powerful gif maker can make life easier, specially if you can create, resize, crop, reverse, optimize images without major juggling. Ezgif is a free gif maker & offers a toolset where you can split, merge, resize, & convert pdf files Online.

Google app search just got smarter

Google has said its search has got even better. How? Well, it can now understand our natural language searches by specifically better handling superlatives & more complicated questions.

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