Daily Archives: 2015-11-15

At US $30.3 bln, global mobile game revenues likely to bypass console game revenues in 2015 – Press note

The video games & mobile gaming sector continues to be an area of fast growth as games are considered low-cost entertainment on which people will continue to spend money even during times of recession. Global mobile game revenues are expected to eclipse console game revenues in 2015 & could generate $30.3 billion worldwide.

Snapchat rolls out lens store

It was only this September that image-based messaging app Snapchat had introduced ‘Lenses’, a feature with which users could enhance their selfies with animations & stuff. Now, Snapchat has rolled out a “lens store” that will let users purchase lenses for US $0.99 & keep them forever.

Reports: The Verge, TechCrunch, Business Insider