Daily Archives: 2015-09-23

New ‘Tweet’ & ‘Follow’ buttons coming next month: Twitter

Twitter has announced that next month the Tweet & Follow buttons will switch to a modern, high-contrast design of white text on a dark blue background. This visual refresh updates the button design from 2011.

Reports: VentureBeat, The Next Web, The Tech Portal

Google Music Key to be renamed YouTube Red?

About a year ago, YouTube launched its own music-focused subscription service called Music Key. Now it looks like Google is about to rebrand Music Key, turning it into “YouTube Red.”

Reports: The Next Web, Android Headline, Android Police

Backblaze punches Amazon on the nose, announces cheaper Cloud based storage

Backblaze, a company founded in 2007 as an enterprise backup service, has now decided to get into a different business – Cloud storage. It has announced the private beta of Backblaze B2, a competitively priced Cloud storage service that is poised to compete with the likes of Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure & Google’s Cloud Platform.

Reports: TechCrunch, The Next Web, Business Insider, Fortune, VentureBeat

This app pays you to take selfies – New app

Statistics say that over 100 million selfies are clicked daily. Now, selfie takers can earn cash for those selfies with Pay Your Selfie, the 1st app that pays any selfie-taker real cash for their selfies.

Another iOS app to block ads – the tribe grows – New app

In real life, bears are good at scaring off stuff, even people. BlockBear is a smartphone app that “scares” of Online ads. It is a nifty adblocker for the iPhone & iPad running the Safari browser. By blocking those ads, it claims, your Websites can load 3-5 times faster.