Daily Archives: 2015-08-07

Apple re-designs Website

Apple has launched a revamped version of its Website. Missing from the main nav bar is the Apple Online Store. The focus seems to be on products, & users are now been given the option of buying each product from the product’s page. Though the home page remains mostly unchanged, the rest of the Site is completely new.

Reports: Mac Rumors, The Independent, 9to5Mac

CMS Tagplay is the Most Useful Startup of the Month – July 2015

In July, What’s New On The Net featured a whole bunch of startups & smartphone apps. The 1 that really caught our Edit team’s eye, though, was Tagplay, a Content Management System that automatically updates Websites using hashtags when you post social media updates using the right tags.

From next week: a beefed up Yahoo! email search tool

This could be the start of something big. A story in the New York Times has said that from next week, Yahoo! Mail would be getting a beefed-up search feature for its 255 million users.

Reports: New York Times, Business Insider, Learn Bonds