Daily Archives: 2015-07-29

Everything’s working just about right at Twitter, yet people want more

Micro blog Twitter may have posted higher than expectations revenue & profit for the 2nd quarter today but a section of the investors & analysts is still not very happy. Twitter top boss interim-CEO Jack Dorsey, himself belongs to the latter. He told investors in his 1st earnings call – it will take time to fix all the issues. So far as user base is concerned, it has been growing, but not at a pace many would have liked.

Reports: Re/code, The Verge, TechCrunch, The New York Times

Ladies & gentlemen, Windows 10 is here

The moment many of you around the world have been waiting for is here. Microsoft started rolling out its latest OS, Windows 10, to select customers around the world on Tuesday. Members of its ‘Insider Programme’ are the 1st to receive it. We bring you reports presenting the highlights of this new OS, reviews & other tips & tricks on how to install & use it.

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