Daily Archives: 2015-07-03

Czech accelerator announces program for IoT startups

The program will support teams and startups with “clearly defined and market-tested ideas” in the fields of IoT (hardware, software, smart devices, wereables or others) or ICT Security (hardware, software or combination of both).

Master Password app generates passwords on demand

Master Password is a password generation algorithm that generates passwords on demand using the Site, your name & the master password. Put simply, you have no passwords for any of the Sites you visit. You just have a master password & the Master Password app.

Microsoft to roll out Windows 10 in a phased manner

IT major Microsoft has just let on how it plans to release its new OS Windows 10 to the world. No, everyone will not be able to lay their hands on it when it launches on July 29.

Reports: Forbes, CIO, TechRadar, Engadget