Daily Archives: 2015-05-20

Oh, Google! AdBlock Plus is launching its own mobile browser

Ever used Adblock Plus? It’s that browser plugin that blocks those annoying Online ads. Well, Ad Block has launched Adblock Browser for Android. Currently in beta, the company’s 1st browser was created on the open source Firefox for Android.

Reports: VentureBeat, Business Insider, Softpedia News

New vulnerability leaves thousands of https Sites, email servers susceptible

Nothing seems secure on the Web, it would seem. A report presented by researchers from leading universities & organizations claimed they had discovered a number of weaknesses in the algorithm, detailing a flaw in the SSL. Called “Logjam”, it affects a number of fundamental Web protocols, the team claimed.

Reports: ZDNet, The Wall Street Journal, The Next Web

Tweets to start appearing in Google search results

Google has announced that it would instantly add tweets to Web search results, something that mobile users would start seeing in real time. For now, this is available only for US users.

Reports: Google Blog, Search Engine Land, Bloomberg, Fortune, Benzinga, Re/code, Business 2 Community