Daily Archives: 2015-04-21

Old TVs, iOS devices will no longer be able to play YouTube videos unless updated

Certain modifications in the YouTube app now means that it will no longer be possible to view YouTube videos on devices older than 2012. Which means TV models released in 2012 or earlier, including 2nd-gen Apple TVs, Panasonic TVs, Sony TVs & Blu-ray players, as well as devices running Google TV versions 1 or 2.

Reports: YouTube Blogspot, Engadget, Android Authority (blog)

Chrome Android update: Websites will be able to push notifications on user mobiles

Google has decided to make Chrome for Android more engaging for users. It has announced it would start sending users push alerts like any other mobile app. This will start with the Chrome 42 version. According to an official blog post, many Websites today lacked the “engaging capabilities” users had come to expect from mobile such as push notifications & home screen icons.

reTXT Labs launches reTXT, the secure & private multi-platform mobile messaging app – Press note

reTXT Labs today announced the launch of reTXT, the 1st secure & private multi-platform mobile messaging app that gives users total control over their text messages allowing them to update, delete or clarify messages they have already sent.

CoinTent launches 1-Click Micropayments enabling publishers to sell articles directly from their Sites- Press note

Today, CoinTent is launching the first 1-click micropayments solution enabling publishers to sell individual articles directly from their own Sites. The service works either alone or alongside existing subscription offerings & provides a way for publishers to target the majority of their audiences who are not willing to subscribe, but want to read specific articles that are behind paywalls.

Mobilegeddon arrives

Today, April 21, 2015, is the day when Google’s latest tweak to its search algorithm is implemented. Known in Internet circles as “Mobilegeddon”, from today, the search major shall favor only those Sites that are mobile phone friendly, in its search results thrown up on mobile phones.
Read our comprehensive coverage on what this is all about, who it shall affect & who will escape unscathed. Plus, here’s tool to find out if your Site is “mobile friendly” or not.

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