Daily Archives: 2015-02-14

Here’s a social network that can be worn on your T-shirt

Developed by a group of MIT researchers, the prototype takes wearable tech to a new level. Imagine wearing a shirt that lights up when another like-minded individual is around.

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Windows 10 for phones – the 1st version

The 1st build of Windows 10 Technical Preview (for developers) for phones was released a couple of days ago.

Here’s a video by Microsoft on what it is all about:

 So if you’re a Windows Phone customer, & love to try the latest stuff before anyone else, a Developer or IT Pro who works with Windows Phones, you may join the Windows Insider program & try out this build. You’ll be getting an insider’s view, assures the Windows team.

Microsoft adds more features to free version of OneNote

For those of you out there who don’t know this, last year, Microsoft had released a note taking tool called OneNote for Windows 7, 8 & even Mac. There were 2 versions – free & premium. OneNote has now become so popular with users that Microsoft has now released fresh updates to the free version, bringing it quite close to the premium one.

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