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Your hard drive just got even more redundant

By: Sorab Ghaswalla, July 10, 2012

Give way DropBox, here comes Bitcasa, the infinite storage Cloud server. Yes, you heard right. Infinite. With the best in encryption technology. Something never promised before by any Cloud storage service. So unbelievable was the concept at 1st that it sparked off a controversy Online. Many skeptics dismissed it as an impossibility. But the fellas at Bitcasa says they deliver what they promise. It does work, they insist. So, take your files, folders, videos, music..whatever it is you wanna store, & you can start dumping them in your own Bitcasa account, without ever having to worry about running out of disk space. You can retrieve your critical info anytime, even when your PC hard drive has crashed. Provided of course it was stored in your Bitcasa account in the 1st place. 
hen Cloud storage became a reality, not many could have predicted this development. Like in the early era of the email, who would have ever thought that a day would come when you could store almost all your mails without ever bothering to delete any one of them at all. 
The same has now happened with Cloud storage with this Startup called Bitcasa. After you have digested the fact that you can now have access to unlimited storage space on the Net, you start digging in the other features of Bitcasa.
I list some of them here for the benefit of our readers:
Make any folder, infinite
Access your Bitacasa account from anywhere
Effortless snyching between devices
No more pick-and-choose photos & videos for storing, You can save the entire family album without a thought
A high level of security because of a different approach to Online encryption
You can share your files/folders with anyone 
There's even a phone version
Founded in 2011 by former employees of MastercardVeriSign & MozyBitcasa went Open Beta in June 2012. It alsoannounced the raising of US $7 million in its Series A funding round, bringing the total funding to $9 million. 

In the past few months, Bitcasa claims to have registered users in 120 countries. The total data saved so far is....hold your collective breaths, over 4 petabytes. Over 1 billion files of data have already been uploaded by users.
During the Beta program, users can take advantage of the service for Free; after Beta, they can continue the access to infinite storage for only $10 a month. 

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